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ANimate [N ] { filea [ fileb [ filec ... ] ] | + file }

UNIX version only.

Display a sequence of images to give appearance of animation.

Use IMAGE SAVE to create the files.

Up to 22 files may be listed. If ``+'' precedes the first file name, that name is taken as a root and files file0, file1, file2, ... fileK are used. The sequence stops at K=999 or when the next file is not found.

If an integer N appears, the sequence is repeated N times.

Image file reading has only been tested on 8-plane and 24-plane displays. The feature should work on displays with less than 8 planes and those where the number of color planes is a multiple of 8. Image files written on an 8-plane display can be read and thus animated on a 24-plane display but not vice-versa.

AN xxa xxb xxc xxd xxe
AN 10 +xyz
AN 5 '+../abc/xyz'