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ETCH Command


Draw a line plot of body boundaries and intersections using ray tracing to find discontinuities in surfaces on the projected view plane. ETCH uses the same logic as COLOR, and hence has the same requirements that a finite spatial volume must be defined (WINDOW command), and some non-transparent cells must exist in the geometry model. Only nontransparent cells are displayed. The CRESOLUTION settings also apply. An ETCH plot superimposed on a COLOR plot will be in the proper position. The screen is NOT cleared before the ETCH 'd drawing (use CLS to clear screen if desired).

This is the only method for displaying all the MCNP geometry surface types on a monochrome terminal display.


Causes execution times for COLOR and ETCH to be reported following generation of a plot.


Show cell boundaries in an ETCH plot even if adjacent cells are the same color and material.