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Set various Graphics Options.

GRaphics Distort { ON | OFf }

When DISTORT is ON, the aspect ratio of the image is not preserved in a non-square graphics window or subwindow. DISTORT color=blue>OFF enables the use of a non-square window while preserving the aspect ratio of the image. This mode is under development.

DISTORT ON is the default mode.

The argument ON turns on the mode, any other argument turns it off.

GRaphics MArgin X

Use this fraction of the window size as a margin at each edge. The default is no margin (X = 0). A small but noticeable margin results with X = 0.03

GRaphics WIdth N

Line width (in pixels) for drawing.

The Margin and Width can be set on the Line Drawing Options Dialog. The Distort mode can be set on the Options Dialog.