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LABEL Command

LAbel x y [ pos ] "string"

Print the string at position (x, y) on the current plot. x is the horizontal direction, y the vertical. The units are the fraction of the plot in each direction. Thus x and y lie between 0 and 1. (Sabrina issues no warning if values outside the range are encountered.)

The string to be written must be enclosed in quotes (single or double). The string may contain any character. Up to 64 characters are allowed. A Resources setting specifies the font in which the string is written.

The optional pos argument specifies the meaning of x and y relative to the string.

pos x y
0 Left Top
1 Left Center
2 Left Bottom
3 Center Top
4 Center Center
5 Center Bottom
6 Right Top
7 Right Center
8 Right Bottom

See also the Label Dialog