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LEGEND Command

LEgend pos Color_min Color_max Fmin Fmax div width

Write a legend for plots color coded according to the value of some quantity F. The legend consists of a color bar, tick marks, and numeric values written at the marks.


The position of the legend in units of the fraction of the graph window (or subwindow). 0 <= pos <= 1. When pos > 0, a vertical axis is drawn at horizontal position pos. When pos < 0, a horizontal axis is drawn a fraction pos from the bottom. The axis extends almost the full height of width of the plot window; there is no user control over the extent.

Color_min Color_max

The color bar consists of blocks of colors between Sabrina colors Color_min and Color_max inclusive. These are the colors shown by Show Palette under the Graphics menu (or the QP command) and the associated list.

If Color_min < 0, Color_min and Color_max are ignored, and color bar starts with blue, fades to cyan, then to green, then to yellow, and ends with red. This scale is the one used for color coding particle tracks with the TRACK COLOR X RANGE command (where X = Energy, Weight, or Time).

Fmin Fmax

The values corresponding to Color_min and Color_max. These values are used for the numbers on the color bar scale.


The division, in the units in which Fmin and Fmax are given, at which tick marks and numeric labels appear. Tick marks and labels appear at both ends of the color bar. For example, if Fmin = 0 and Fmax = 6, ticks and labels appear at 0, 2, 4, and 6 if div = 2, and at 0, 3, and 6 if div = 3.


The thickness of the color bar (excluding numbers and tick marks) in units of the fraction of the graph window (or subwindow). The default width is 0.04.