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UNIX version only.

Controls writing of a PostScript file for hardcopy. The file (the default name is ) may be printed with PRINT.


with no arguments gives a status report.

POstscript { ON | OFfF }

Enables or Disables writing to the PostScript file. When the POSTSCRIPT mode is ON, all graphics commands are captured as PostScript commands. A raster dump is made following a COLOR, ETCH, or SLICE ray traced image. Vector graphics are written to the file as they are executed.

POstscript { BW | COlor [Grayscale] }

How the color information for vector graphics is written to the PostScript file depends on the color setting. In POSTSCRIPT COLOR mode, the full color specification is written; vector graphics will be printed in full color. COLOR GREYSCALE causes the color to be used to define a PostScript grey level; vector graphics will be printed in a gray scale. WhenBW is chosen, all colored lines are drawn in black.

POstscript COMpress [ ON | OFf ]

Set the compression mode for raster PostScript dumps that are made automatically following a ray traced image with POSTSCRIPT ON. The mode is also set by the presence or absence of the UNCOMPRESSED keyword on the the POSTSCRIPT DUMP command.

POstscript DUmp [ UNcompressed ]

Write a DUMP of the graphics window (or current subwindow) in raster PostScript format. The file will produce color plots on color PostScript printers and will print a greyscale image on monochrome printers. If DUMP is called when the POSTSCRIPT mode is OFF, DUMP will open the PostScript file (using either the default or the user-specified name), dump the image, and close the file, leaving POSTSCRIPT in the OFF mode. By default, the raster dump is run-length encoded (identical pixels in a row are written once with a repeat factor), resulting in significant savings in PostScript file size. The UNCOMPRESSED option to DUMP suppresses the use of run-length encoding.

POstscript { FIlename | FF }

PostScript output will be the file (the use of the .ps suffix is recommended). If the file already exists, Sabrina will ask whether or not to overwrite the file. The default output file is; this default file is overwritten without querying the user. Use of FF, rather than FIle, suppresses all querying.

POstscript HEightfactor F

The value affects the vertical displacement of graphics text for which a vertical alignment of Top or Center is specified. Top aligned text is moved down by P x F, where P is the LABEL POINT size and F is the Height Factor. For center aligned text, the displacment is 1/2 of the top aligned displacement.

POstscript LAbel

If no options follow POSTSCRIPT LABEL, the lines following, up to the occurrence of . (period) as the first non-blank character, are written to the PostScript file.

POstscript LAbel [ Point P | Space S | Center | Left ]

Lines are added below the figure in type size P points (default 20) with S points spacing between lines; S = 1.3 P is set by default and each time P is set. (216/S - 2) lines will fit on the page. Lines can be CENTER ed or LEFT justified.

POstscript LAbel Font fontname

Specifies the font used for PostScript text. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the Font is supported by the target PostScript printer or viewer. The Font need not be the same as the screent font.

POstscript LW X

X multiplies the line width of PostScript lines. Smaller widths may be desired, for example, when a plot contains lots of particle tracks.

POstscript SUbwindow { | ON | OFf }

The SUBWINDOW state determines whether the PostScript image reflects the Subwindow structure of the graphics window or not. With no argument, the state is toggled and the new value reported. When the SUBWINDOW mode is ON, the PostScript plot will show the multiple images as they appear in the the graphics area. The number of individual images shown is determined by POSTSCRIPT LIMIT. When making a raster DUMP, the image of the entire graphics area is captured. When the SUBWINDOW mode is OFF, the PostScript file contains a single full scale plot of a subimage on each page. With the DUMP command, only the current subwindow image is written.

POstscript LImit N

Plot N images on a single PostScript page. This is useful when the SUBWINDOW mode is ON.

POstscript { Whiteonwhite [ ON | True | False ] }

White lines do not show up well on a white background. If the WHITEonWHITE mode is False, white lines are printed as black; if True , white lines are allowed. If True or False is omitted, the value is toggled.