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SLICE Command


Draw a 2-dimensional geometry plot using the current settings. By default, a plot is made in the X plane, the y and z bounds are the corresponding limits of the spatial window, the center of the plot is the center of the spatial window, opaque cells are drawn in color and outlined, and transparent space is drawn in the background color.

SLIce X a(1)
SLIce Y a(2)
SLIce Z a(3)
SLIce a(1) a(2) a(3) b(1) b(2) b(3) dir(1) dir(2) dir(3)

The vectors a and b define the bounds of a rectangular box and the 2-D plane within that box that is drawn. The dir vector is the direction in which the plot is drawn.

For the X option, the plane that is image is drawn at x = a(1), the remaining bounds in the y and z directions are taken from the current spatial window, and the direction vector is dir = (0, 1, 0).

The Y and Z options are similar. For the Y option, the plot is made at y = a(2) and dir = (1, 0, 0). For the Z option, z = a(3) and dir = (1, 0, 0).

The long form has not been tested a probably does not work well.

SLIce COlor

Causes opaque cells to be filled with their respective cell color and draws a new plot. The SLICE COLOR setting remains in effect for successive plots unless changed with SLICE OUTLINE.

SLIce ETch

Report the current settings for outlining cells.

SLIce ETch { ON | OFf }

Turn the outlining of cells on or off and draw a new 2-D plot.

SLIce ETch CEll { ON | OFf }

Set whether or not to outline all cells or only outline regions of a single color, and draw a new 2-D plot. With SLICE ETCH CELL OFF, transparent cells are not outlined, nor is the boundary between 2 adjacent cells with the same color shown.

SLIce EXtent
SLIce EXtent X

Set the Extent of the plot to X. If X is absent, the current value is reported. The Extent is twice the distance across the plot.

SLIce MOde
SLIce MOde { S | B }

S forces Sabrina to use the surface geometry 2-D renderer (the default for MCNP surface geometries); B forces use of the body geometry renderer. The former is useful for correct drawing of solid body geometries that include torii. The current mode is reported when no argument is present..

SLIce ORigin
SLIce ORigin X Y Z

Set the Origin of the plot to (X, Y, Z). If the arguments are absent, the current value is reported. The Origin affects both the depth and position of the plot. For example, if a plot had been made with SLICE X 0, SLICE ORIGIN 1 2 3 results in a slice at x = 1 centered at y = 2 and z = 3.

SLIce OUtline

Causes opaque cells to be outline in black, but not filled with color, and draws a new plot. The SLICE OUTLINE setting remains in effect for successive plots unless changed with SLICE COLOR.