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TRACK Command

TRack { Controls | Filters | Bounds | Events | Options | COlor | Kcycle | TRansformation } Pruning |

Dialogs to set Particle Track Display parameters can be launched from the Particle Tracks Menu or from the Tracks ToolBar

Plot particle tracks written by MCNP in a Sabrina geometry plot. The TRACK command may be given as many times as necessary. Multiple options and filters may be present on a single TRACK command line.

A Track command mode may be entered. In the mode, the keyword "TRACK" does not precede the commands (as it does in all of the following). The prompt changes to Track> when the mode is enabled.

TRACK MODE ON turns on the mode.


List the values of the options and filters. (LIST TRACK gives the same output.)


The name of the particle track file from MCNP. The default name is dumn1. The ASCII argument, if present, forces Sabrina to read the file as a non-binary ascii file.


Give information on the range of values in the particle track file, such as the history range on the file, the energy range, weight range, time range, and spatial dimensions. The entire file is read each time this command is executed.

TRACK MEmory {ON } OFf}

Hold the particle track data in Sabrina's memory (ON) or make Sabrina read through the track file each time a picture is made (OFF). Track pruning, branch filtering, and writing ptrac files requires to ON mode. The setting is saved in the sabrina.ini initialization file and thus retained between Sabrina sessions.

TRACK PLot [Over]

Plot the particle tracks without plotting the goemetry. If OVER is given, the tracks re plotted on top of the existing picture. If not, the graphics (sub)window is cleared before the tracks are drawn.

TRACK RESEt [ BOunds | EVents | FIlter ]

Resets particle track bounds (such as XMAX), event markers, and filters (such as cell) to their default values of no bounds, no event markers, and no filters. If no argument is given, everything is reset.


Write a particle track file, in ASCII format, to the specified file. Data discarded by filtering, pruning, history bounds, and Kcycle bounds is not written. Coordinate, energy, weight, and time bounds are not applied.