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TRACK Color Commands

Use the Track Colors Dialog to set the color scheme.


Plot all tracks with the same color. Sabrina will query for the color to be used.

TRACK COlor {Collisions | Energy | Time | Weight} N

Color the tracks with N colors based on the number of Collisions or the particle's Energy, Age, or Weight. Sabrina will query the user for the bin boundaries and colors.

TRACK COlor {Energy | Time | Weight} {Range | Logrange} A B

Use a continuous color-coding for particle trackes based on their Energy, Time, or Weight. Tracks with a value less than A are colored blue, those with a value greater than b are red, and those with a value in between are colored according to the value, with shades that range from blue to cyan to green to yellow to red.

For Range, the color depends on the relative distance of the value from A and B. For LogRange, the color depends on the relative distance of the logarithm of the value from the logarithms of A and B.

This command is designed to work on True Color displays. Use on 8-plane or less displays has not been tested.

TRACK COlor PArticle

Color the tracks based on the particle type (neutron, photon, electron). Sabrina will query for the colors to use.