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The Axis mode causes an axis consisting of 3 vectors, originating at the point (X , Y , Z ), each of length Size , and pointing along the 3 principal directions. The axis will appear in each type of plot, and will not be hidden by opaque bodies in the foreground.

The Axis will be shown if the Axis item in the Options menu is checked.

The Axis Dialog contains a check box for enabling the display of the axis and text fields for entering the position of the Axis origin and Size of the 3 vectors.

The Dialog is shown by selecting Axis Settings... in the Options menu:

Show Axis
The axis is shown if the button is checked.

X   Y   Z
X, Y, and Z give the position of Axis Vertex

Is the length of the vectors

Preview / Clear
If the Show Axis box is checked, the Preview and Clear buttons are visible. Selecting Preview draws an axis over an existing image. Selecting Preview again removes a previously previewed axis and draws a new one. Clear removes a previewed axis.
Causes the changes to take effect and dismisses the dialog. Apply will draw a permanent axis, but only if one had been previewed.

Dismisses the dialog and makes no changes. A previewed Axis, if present, is removed.

The axis is drawn in the color selected on the Color Assignment dialog.

Axis Properties can also be set with the AXIS commands. The command AXIS SHOW adds an axis to an existing plot.