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Graphics Window Context Menu

Clicking the right mouse button in the graphics window shows the graphics window context menu. This menu contains item specific to the location of the cursor when the button was clicked.

If clicked over a cell in an image in the current subwindow, the first two items show the cell and material numbers and display submenus for setting the object’s transparency and color. The submenus’ Label items write the objects number centered on the position of the click using the label font and color. Otherwise, the first two items are disabled. The Change Color submenu items show the Assign Colors Dialog. The List items report the properties of the cell or material.

If the Color on Change item is checked, the image is redrawn after a selection is made in the submenu.

The Write Label Here, Put Legend Here, and Put Track Legend Here items show the corresponding dialogs with the positions set the location of the cursor when the menu was shown. If the click is not in the current subwindow, Sabrina shows a warning popup instead of the dialog.

The Current SubWindow Here sets the subwindow at the location of the click as the active subwindow. The subwindow determination may be off if the click is within a few pixels of a subwindow boundary. The Last and Next SubWindow items decrement or increment the active subwindow.