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Text Labels Dialog

Text may be written on the graphics window by the using the Label dialog or with the LABEL command.

The dialog is invoked by the Label item in the Graphics Menu or by the graphics window context menu. If from the latter, the Position fields correspond to the point at which the right mouse button was clicked.

The Position fields are the location of the top left corner of the text in units of percents of the subwindow. (The units used with the LABEL command are fractions---0 to 1---of the subwindow dimensions.) X is the distance from the left side of the subwindow and Y is the position from the bottom. Typing in the fields changes the values, as does clicking on the arrows next to the edit field.

X is / Y is
The choices in the X is and Y is boxes tell how the Position is interpreted for placement of the text.

Label String
The text in the Label String field is what will appear on the plot.

The Preview button shows the label without committing it to the plot. (It draws the label on the screen, but not in the backing store bitmap; the label does not appear when the bitmap is copied to the screen.) The previewed label is automatically updated when the Position values are changed.

Sabrina, rather than the window manager, must implement backing store for the preview feature to work correctly. If necessary, include the resource


Clear removes the previewed label from the screen plot.

Apply commits the label to the plot (after which it cannot be Cleared or altered by changing values on the dialog) and dismisses the dialog.

Cancel clears any previewed label and dismisses the dialog.

The font used for the labels (and for the numbers in color legend bars) is taken from the resource
       Sabrina.LabelFont: font-name
Executing xlsfonts at the shell prompt provides a list of available fonts.