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The Options Dialog is used to set various Sabrina program options. The following table describes the effect of checked and unchecked boxes:


If Checked

If Unchecked

Popup Messages

Message of the indicated type --- Error, Warning, Informational --- appear in a popup dialog as well as the transcript area

Message only appear in the transcript area and require no user interaction

Time Drawing

The time required to generate pictures is written to the transcript area

No timing is done

Ignore Wait Command

Sabrina ignores Wait commands in scripts

Sabrina halts until the user enters a <return>

List Files

Show the contents of Sabrina command files, MCNP input files, etc. in file list windows

Do not display the file

Confirmation on Quit

Show a popup asking if the user really wants to Quit Sabrina

Terminate Sabrina immediately

Ignore File Name Suffix

Do not, in the file selection dialog, list only files with a specific suffix, such as .mcn when importing MCNP input file

Show only files with the appropriate suffix

Echo Interface Commands

Sabrina commands generated by the user interface are shown in the transcript area in addition to those typed in the command area

Only commands typed by the user appear in the transcript area

Warp Cursor

The cursor moves to button (usually Cancel) on a newly shown dialog and to the command area when a dialog is dismissed

The user positions the cursor

Show Popup Tips

Popup tips containing a brief indication of function appear over toolbar buttons and menu bar items

The tips do not appear