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Array Sizes

Invokes a popup Dialog for choosing array size parameters for the arrays that hold the model information in Sabrina. The Dialog shows the existing parameters and has fields for entering new parameters.

The new parameters will take effect when Sabrina is restarted.

The parameters, which should be large enough to provide storage for the corresponding data type, are

Number of either surface- or body-based cells or zones
Number of surfaces, both explicitly declared in MCNP input and implicitly from the decomposition of solid bodies
Number of solid bodies
Number of lattice elements
Number of MCNP transformations
Number of solid bodies in a zone description.
Total Size
Net size, in bytes, of all arrays affected by the parameters.

The Cells, Surfaces, and Bodies parameters are used for arrays in both surface- and body-based geometries. It is, in general, a good idea to choose the Bodies parameter to be as large as the Cells parameter. The parameters will be more independent in future versions.

Very large parameters may cause Sabrina to fail on memory allocation, or may cause excessive swapping. If there is excessive hard disk activity during a Reset, the parameters should be reduced unless necessary to accommodate a model.

When the parameters are too small for a model, Sabrina will display messages complaining about too many cells, surfaces, bodies, or whatever. These messages will be more informative, particularly as to which parameter(s) to increase, in future versions. Reading in a lattice with more elements than the Lattice parameter may cause Sabrina to crash. Once such errors are encountered, additional, sometimes spurious, errors may show up. In such a situation, increase the parameters, restart Sabrina, and try again.