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Assign Colors Dialog

The Assign Colors Dialog is used ot set the colors of cells, materials, and various graphics elements.

The list box on the left shows Sabrina's primary colors.

The Selected color is assigned (Upon Apply) to the graphics element selected on the right of the page. Dismiss gets rid of the dialog without making any further changes.

Cell / Material
When the element is Cell or Material, the corresponding edit field accepts the cell or material number.

The Background color is the field color for color images.

Etchings are made in the Etch color.

The Error color is used in COLOR plots to color regions containing geometry errors when the TEST mode is enabled.

The Axis is drawn in the Axis color.

The X-Ray color is used for COLOR plots in the X-ray simulation mode.

Line Draw / Line Draw Background
Line drawings are made in the Line Draw color on a field of the Line Draw Background color. The latter color is used when clearing a subwindow.

Text labels in the graphics window and the numbers on color legend scales appear in the Text color.

Auto Assign By
In automatic color assignment--- Auto Assign by Cell or Auto Assign by Material --- the color of each successive cell or material is assigned by cycling through the available colors.

Sometimes, for reasons unknown, the color blocks don't appear. Dismiss the dialog and try again.