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Query permits interrogation of the geometry model imaged in the current subwindow.

Following pressing of the Query button, move the cursor to the Graphics Window and press the left mouse button over the desired point.

A ray is traced into picture at the position of the cursor when the left mouse button is clicked. Surface crossings and cell encounters are reported.

At each encounter with a nontransparent cell, the track is suspended until a mouse button is pressed. Clicking the left button continues the ray, the <Shift> + left button starts a new ray and the middle button terminates the Query mode. (The right button will also start a new ray, but only after about a short delay.)

When the ray is completed, the left button starts another ray and the middle buttons terminates the Query mode.

For 2-D plots, the cell, material, and location at the position of the click are reported. A ray does not proceed further into the model as in the 3-D plots.

Query output, as well as instructions on button functions, are shown in the Query Window.