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Slice Dialog

The Slice Options Property Page contains choices for the apearance of 2-dimensional geometry plots.

The Style selections determine whether regions are filled with Color, Outlined, or both. If Outline Cells is checked, adjoining cells are outlined even if they are the same color and material.

The Origin position is the center of the plot. If the Plane specification is X, Y, or Z, the plot will be in the respective plane given by the value in the edit field.

The experimental Use Limits selection uses the values shown in the Limits box to determine the slice bounds and direction.

The Extent value is the distance from the origin to the edges of the plot.

The Geometry setting determines whether Body or Surface geometry tracking is used for a geometry defined by solid bodies.

Slice produces a 2-D plot reflecting the values and choices on the dialog.

Apply will set those quantities in Sabrina’s memory but not produce a plot.

Refresh updates the values on the dialog.

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