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Define ViewPoint Dialog

The View Point Dialog is used to define, modify, and select View Points.

Defined View Points
The top row of the dialog is a list of Defined View Points. From 1 to 10 buttons are shown. Items cannot be selected in this list.

Define / Modify
The next row is a collection of toggle buttons from which a View Point to Define or Modify is selected. The selection on popup is the current View Point.

The current View Point is shown in the text fields in both Cartesian and Spherical coordinates. New values may be typed using one of the coordinate systems. The new values are not immediately reflected in the other coordinate system.

The name appears in the View Point Retrieve Menu. It may be blank.

The viewpoint can be rotated Up or Down, or Right or Left, by the number of degrees specified in the Angle combo box. The user may select a predefined value from the list or select Other and type a value in the edit field. The rotation is accomplished by adding or subtracting the given amount from Phi or Theta. (The proper angle does not always result when addition or subtraction takes the angle past a multiple of pi/2 The combo box displays the current value of the rotation angle.

Selecting the Rotate button changes the current viewpoint; the Position fields are updated after a rotation is made.

Causes the changes to take effect and dismisses the dialog.

Dismisses the dialog and makes no changes.