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List Menu

Selecting an item shows a List Window reporting on the values appropriate to that item. The LIST command may be used to restrict the list to chosen cells, surfaces, etc.

List Item Output
Everything All of the following
Numbers of Bodies Largest body number in the current geometry
Numbers of Cells Number of Cells in the geometry model
Numbers of Surfaces Number of surfaces in the geometry model
Numbers of Zones Number of Zones in the geometry model
Settings State of Various modes
Objects Attributes (Color, Transparency, & Brightness) of Zones and Cells
Materials Attributes (Color & Transparency) of Materials
Cells Objects output & Cell descriptions
Cell Descriptions Combinatorial Surface Descriptions of Cells
Zones Objects output & Zone descriptions
Zone Descriptions Combinatorial Body Descriptions of Zones
Bodies Solid Body Coefficients
Surfaces Surface Coefficientsv
By Surface Type Surface Coefficients for surfaces belonging to the selected (from the cascading menus) MCNP surface type
Body Surfaces Combinatorial Surface Description for each Solid Body
Viewpoints View Points
Window Spatial Windows
Light Sources Light Source Positions
Vertical Vertical Vector (up direction)
PTrack Settings Particle Track Filters, Bounds, & Other Information
Draw Sets Draw Sets
Repeated Structures Transformations, Universes, & Lattices
User Symbols User defined symbols and their values