Boundaries Dialog

The Boundaries dialog shows and permits modification of the partition boundaries. The intensity values are mapped from the index values according to the contrast settings in the active image window. If an image window is not active, the settings are taken from the first image in memory; a warning is given if multiple ima ges are present with different settings. The boundary values can be specified in either colormap index or pixel intensity value.

The top and bottom (if an edge material is not present) lines in the boundary list correspond to the materials used for the intensity ranges beyond the values contained within the boundaries. The boundaries on those lines cannot be changed; the intensity values listed are the maximum and minimum intensities in the image. If an edge material is present, the last line in the list reads "Edge". No boundaries can be defined, only the mat erial and name. The color block at upper right is the color of the selected partition.

When a partition is selected, the Select button shows the Material Library dialog. The dialog displays the material (if any) of the selected partition when invoked. Another material may be selected for the partition. The partition names are stored with the partition information and need not be the same as the material name in the library. The user should review the material assignments to ensure they are as intended.

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