Contrast Adjustment

Changing the image's window width and window center affects the image's appearance or contrast. The Contrast dialog has controls to change both values. Interactive adjustment, if enabled on the Contrast dialog, is performed by moving the mouse in the image window with the left button held down. Horizontal motion changes the window center, vertical motion the window width. Holding down the <control> key restricts the change to only one of the values; which one is determined by which of the horizontal or vertical distances from the position of the initial click is larger. The Restore Contrast menu items and toolbar button revert to the center and width specified in the DICOM file.

After the image is drawn, the left pane of the status bar shows the window width and center.

Settings on the Contrast dialog determine which images are affected by changes in the contrast parameters. The changes can be made to only the image in the active window, to all images, or to all images that are part of 3D data set.

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