Contrast Dialog       

The Contrast dialog controls how the pixel values are converted to intensities (which are in turn displayed as a color according to the current color scheme). Pixel values in a range of size Width about the Center are mapped to an intensity range between 0 and 255. Those values outside the Window are mapped to 0 or 255.

The Window column shows the current Center and Width. New values can be typed in the fields. Clicking on the arrow buttons increments or decrements the value by the amount shown in the Increment column. The arrow buttons in that column change the increment value by 1. The Default column shows the Center and Width values specified in the DICOM file. The Limits box shows the maximum and minimum pixel values in the image.

Apply To

Apply contrast changes to All images, only those images in a 3D Set of images, or only to the image in the Active Window. The setting affects contrast changes made with menu and toolbar items and with the mouse as well as changes made on the dialog.

Immediate Update

When checked, the image (or images) is redrawn whenever the Window Center or Window Width value changes. Otherwise, the values do not take effect until Apply is selected. Apply must be selected for a change in the Immediate Update setting to take effect.

Enable Mouse Drag

When checked, moving the mouse in the image window with the left button held down changes the contrast. Horizontal motion changes the Window Center, vertical motion the Width.

Restore Defaults sets the Window Center and Window Width to the values given in the DICOM file.

Apply puts the changes into effect but does not dismiss the dialog.

Dismiss hides the dialog. Any changes that have not been put in effect with the Immediate Update setting are discarded.

Help shows the help page for the dialog.

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