Cropping Images

A rectangular crop region can be defined for an image or for a set of images. When cropping is active, pixels outside the crop region are not used when generating an MCNP geometry. Cropping can exclude empty volumes and external support structures. This figure
shows an example.

Cropping is in effect when Crop is checked in the Image and Image context menus. The crop rectangle is drawn on top of the image if both Crop and Show Crop Region are checked in the menus.

The initial crop rectangle is 20 pixels inward from each edge of the image. When the cursor is over the rectangle, the cursor changes to either an up+down arrow or an left+right arrow. When the cursor is in a double arrow state, clicking the left mouse button and dragging repositions the rectangle facet at the cursor position. The rectangle cannot extend beyond the image boundary. The rectangle cannot be inverted-for example, the top facet cannot be dragged below the bottom facet. The status bar shows the rectangle position, in pixels, as the position changes.

The boundaries can also be set on the Crop dialog (invoked with Crop Settings in the Image and Image context menus. The color and line thickness in which the rectangle is drawn are set on the dialog. On the dialog, one can choose whether to apply the cropping to the active image, all loaded images, or to all images in a 3D set.

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