Crop Dialog     

The Crop dialog shows the limits of the crop rectangle and controls affecting how the rectangle is drawn.


Cropping is in effect when Crop is checked. Only the portion of the image within the crop rectangle is converted to MCNP geometry.

Show Crop Rectangle

When Show Crop Rectangle is checked and cropping is in effect (Crop checked), a rectangle showing the cropping region is drawn over the image.

Pixels from Edge

The values are the boundaries of the crop region, in pixels, measured from the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom edges of the image.

Apply Crop to

Apply the cropping to All loaded images, All images in a 3D Set, or to the image in the Active Window only.

Rectangle Style

The items in the Rectangle Style box determine the appearance of the cropping rectangle that is drawn over the image when Crop and Show Crop Rectangle are checked,

Line Width

The thickness of the cropping rectangle, in pixels, can be typed in the edit field or incremented with the arrow buttons. A width of 0 results in pixel thick lines.


The Color button shows the Windows color selection dialog in which the cropping rectangle color can be chosen. The current color is shown in the frame to the right of the button.

Apply puts the changes into effect and dismisses the dialog.

Cancel dismisses the dialog without changing any settings.

Help shows the help page for the dialog.

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