Image Context Menu

Image Properties shows the properties dialog for the image.

Last Zoom sets the scale to that in effect before the last zoom operation or choice of a Fit item.

The Fit submenu items determine the image scaling with respect to the window. The current setting is checked. 100% draws the image at its actual size in pixels. Window causes the image to be drawn as large as possible with the entire image visible. Width or Height scales the image to the respective dimension of the window. Zoomed is checked if the image size is different due some zoom operation; it cannot be selected on the menu.

The Color Scheme submenu contains a list of schemes that map the pixel intensity to a color. The current scheme is checked. Which other images are affected by a change depends on the Apply Color Settings to choice on the Options dialog.

Restore Contrast sets the contrast parameters of the image to those specified in the DICOM file. Which other images are affected depends on the Apply to settings on the Contrast dialog.

When Use Boundaries is checked, the pixel color is that of the partition in which the pixel intensity lies. When not checked, the full range of colors is used.

Use Boundaries in New Window opens a new window (if not already present) showing the image with the partition boundaries applied. The image in the current window does not changed.

Boundaries shows the Boundaries dialog.

W hen Get Pixel Range is checked, moving the mouse with the left button held down draws a rectangle; the status bar shows the range of pixel values and intensities in the rectangle.

When Query Pixels is checked, clicking on a pixel produces a status bar message giving the pixel position, value, and intensity.

Set Edge Material invokes the algorithm to find all pixels with minimum or maximum intensity that are contiguous with such pixels on the edge of the image.

When Show Grid is checked, the voxel grid is drawn over the image.

When Flip Vertical is checked, the image is inverted in the vertical direction.

Cropping is in effect if Crop is checked. When Show Crop Region is checked, the crop rectangle is drawn over the image. Crop Settings shows the Crop dialog.

Last Frame / Next Frame change the visible frame in a multiframe image or the image shown when a 3D set of images is present.

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