IMG Parameters

To enable changes to the pixel layout and other parameters of the .IMG files, we introduced the IMG Parameters dialog (invoked by IMG Parameters in the Image menu). The dialog is also used to enter dimensional information (such as the absolute size of pixel) required for the MCNP geometry. One can select a subset of frames to load. Specifying start and end frames can exclude the empty frames at the edges of the geometry. The option to load every nth frame can be used to reduce the resolution of the MCNP geometry if desired. Changes made on the dialog do not affect IMG files already loaded.

Image parameters files contain the IMG settings and cropping information, including whether or not cropping is in effect, for each IMG file. These files reside in the same directory as the corresponding IMG file and have the same name but with a different suffix- .imd (which must be in lower case). The parameters file, if present, can be automatically read when the corresponding IMG file is loaded. Whether or not the IMG file is automatically loaded is set on the IMG Parameters dialog. The parameters in the file are used to interpret the image and also replace the current IMG parameters settings. The user must request creation of writing of the file with the IMG Parameters item in the Write submenu of the File menu when an IMG file is loaded and its window active. To change settings for an IMG file if the accompanying image parameters file exists, the IMG file must be read, changes made on the IMG Parameters dialog and to the crop region, the image parameters file rewritten, and the IMG file deleted and reloaded.

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