Loaded Images Dialog       

The Loaded Images dialog lists the DICOM files that are currently in the program memory. The lists shows the File name, the order Number and the Location (in mm) in the direction normal to the image plane. The order is based on a monotonic sequence of locations. An X in the Visible column is present if the image is displayed. An X in the 3D column indicates the image is part of a 3D set of images.

A right click on a file name in the first column shows the Image Properties dialog for that file.

The 3 leftmost buttons at the bottom pertain to the file selected (with the left mouse button) in the first column:

Show / Hide changes the visibility of the image. A hidden image is still retained in memory.

Properties shows the Image Properties dialog.

Delete hides the image and removes it from program memory.

Dismiss hides the dialog.

Help shows the help page for the dialog.

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