Material Library

The material library is a file of material definitions with the MCNP/MCNPX Mn and MTn input syntax and a number of structured comments. A library can be written using the Moritz program or prepared by hand with an editor. By default, Scan2MCNP looks for the library Materials.lib in the directory in which the program runs. The Choose Library item in the Material Library submenu of the MCNP menu selects the library to use.

The library file begins with a list of categories followed by a list of names:
c Categories Start M
c Category 1
c ...
c Category M
c Categories End
c Names Start N
c Material 1
c ...
c Material N
c Names End

The words in red are reserved case sensitive keywords; they must be the first item following the comment character. The integer after Start is the number of categories or names in the list. The names should be listed in the order in which the materials appear in the library. The material definitions follow the names list.

A typical material entry is:
c Material 2 Prologue
c Name Air @ 7200 ft
c Density 4.0866e-005 (Atom/b-cm)
c Category Gas
c Mode n p h
c Air @ 7200 ft
c Total Atom Density: 4.08660E-05 a/b-cm
c Total Mass Density : 9.872400E-04 g/cm^3
1001 1.75967e-010
The Prologue line must be first; the comments following apply to the material number on that line. The Density value must be followed by either (Atom/b-cm) or (gm/cm^3). The density units are case sensitive. The Category is used for sorting the materials on the Material Library dialog. The Mode echoes the MODE line of the input file (if any) from which the material was extracted and added to the library. It does not necessarily mean than the material definition cannot be used in a problem with a different MODE. The comments between the last keyword and the Mn line are saved as the material description. It is the user's responsibility to avoid duplication of keywords in the description.

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