Material Library Dialog       

The Material Library dialog shows the materials available in the material library. Except for changing between atom and mass fractions, the material properties cannot be changed. When the dialog is invoked by the Select button on the Boundaries dialog, the material (if any) assigned to the selected partition is shown; a different material can then be assigned to the partition boundary.


The top line gives the path name of the current material library. A different library can be loaded with the Choose Library button.


The Materials list shows the materials in the current category (or in All categories). Selecting an item in the list shows its definition in the fields in the middle of the dialog. The selected material is the one assigned to the current partition boundary when Use is selected.


Materials in the library can be classified into categories. Selecting an item in the Categories list shows the corresponding materials in the Materials list. Selecting All shows every material.


The Description consists of any information included before the material definition, such as a reference for the definition. The lines are included as comments when an MCNP input file is written.


The Composition list shows the isotopes and their atom (positive value) or weight (negative) fractions in MCNP input format.


The Density is used when writing cell definitions or in defining the density of mixtures.


The Mode line lists the particles that were included in the MCNP model from which the material was added to the library. The material definition may or may not be suitable for the transport of others particles-it is the user's responsibility to check.


The Properties button shows a read only dialog listing additional properties that may have been set in the material definition with the MCNP Mn (material) and MTn (S[alpha,beta]) input items.

Convert Fractions

The Convert Fractions button switches between isotope fractions given as weight or atom fractions and Density in g/cm3 or atoms/(b-cm). When used in the model, material definitions are automatically converted to weight fractions and mass density if necessary.

Add to Model

The selected material is assigned to the current partition when Use is selected. If desired, a different Number and Name can be entered; otherwise, the values from the library are used. The Add to Model box is now shown if the dialog is invoked with the Browse Materials item in the Material Library submenu of the MCNP menu.

Choose Library

The Choose Library button shows the Windows file selection box for choosing another library to load.

Help shows the help page for the dialog.

Dismiss hides the dialog.

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