Options Dialog       


When one of the Error, Warning, or Information boxes is checked, the corresponding message types appear in a popup dialog as well as in the transcript window. When unchecked, the messages appear only in the transcript window. Some error messages associated with dialogs, such as invalid data, always appear in popup dialogs.

Apply Color Settings To

Apply color scheme changes and partition binning to All images, only those images in a 3D Set of images, or only to the image in the Active Window.

Load Last Image on Startup

When checked, the most recently used image or set of multiple image is display when the program starts.

Color Block when Querying Pixels

When checked, a 100 x 100 region at the upper left of the image window shows the color of the s elected pixel in the pixel query mode.

Time Operations

When checked, the transcript window shows execution time (in msec) for some operations. Timed functions include analyzing the edge material and steps during preparation of a MCNP input file.

Default # Partitions

The value in the edit field is the number of partitions created when Reset Boundaries is selected in the Partition context menu.

When Loading Multiple Files

The selections control how many images are shown when multiple DICOM files are loaded. Only a single image is displayed when Show First File is checked. Otherwise All or None of the images are displayed.

Apply puts the changes into effect and dismisses the dialog.

Cancel dismisses the dialog without changing any settings.

Help shows the help page for the dialog.

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