Partition Context Menu

Following selection of Add Boundary, Scan2MCNP expects the user to position a new boundary with the mouse.

Delete Boundary remove the boundary at the position of the click. The cursor must be a double arrow state for the item to be active.

Replace with Range Min / Max moves the current boundary (if such a move can be made without crossing another boundary) to one of the limits found with the Get Pixel Range operation. These limits are shown a red lines if Show Pixel Range is checked.

The Color Scheme submenu contains a list of schemes that map the pixel intensity to a color. The current scheme is checked. Which images are affected by a change depends on the Apply Color Settings to choice on the Options dialog.

When Use Boundaries is checked, the pixel color is that of the partition in which the pixel intensity lies. When not checked, the full range of colors is used.

Boundaries shows the Boundaries dialog.

When Get Pixel Range is checked, moving the mouse with the left button held down draws a rectangle; the status bar shows the range of pixel values and intensities in the rectangle.

When Show Pixel Range is checked, the limits obtained with the last Get Pixel Range operation are shown as red lines.

Reset Boundaries replaces the current partitions with N equally sized partitions. The value of N  is set on the Options dialog.

When Show Names is checked, the partition material name is listed opposite the partition center. When not checked, only the material number is written.

Background Color shows the Windows color selection tool with which to choose the background color of the partition window.

Font shows the Windows font selection dialog in which to choose the font for text in the partition window.

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