Partition Window

Partition WindowThe partition window (shown at the left) shows the boundaries along with the color mapping. Two color bars are shown. The left bar (in the vertical orientation) is the unmodified color map, with the color corresponding to the lowest intensity at the bottom. The right bar shows the color of each partition; these colors are the colormap value at the middle of the partition. Horizontal black lines show the partition boundaries. The material number associated with the partition is shown to the left, optionally followed by the partition name (usually the material name). (The odd set of materials listed in the figure resulted from choices of materials with small numbers of isotope constituents used when verifying the material mixing algorithm.)

If the partition window is sized to be more wide than tall, the horizontal orientation places the color bars at the top of the window. The length and width of the bars is relative to the window size. The offset of the first bar from the window edge is the same as the distance between the bars. These position parameters can be changed with the mouse with the <control> key held down. When the pointer is near the sides or ends of the color bar, the cursor changes to a double arrow. When in the double arrow state, clicking and holding down the left mouse button drags the edge at the cursor position. Choosing the end changes the length. Dragging the leftmost edge (in the vertical orientation) changes the offset. Moving the right most edge changes the width. The value being changed is shown in the left pane of the status bar while the operation is underway. The partition context menu contains items to set the background color of the window and the font used for the material number and name.

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