Raw Pixel (.IMG) Files

Several users have requested the ability to import data not in DICOM format. Their files consist of binary pixel data, possibly after a fixed length header, containing one or multiple frames. Because the first of these files we encountered carried a suffix of .img, we refer to them as .IMG files. Any suffix may be used. This suffix is not compatible with other formats that also use the .img suffix, such as the Paintshop program.

Some data types are segmented: The pixel value is an index into a table of organs and tissues. The program can read a segmentation file that lists the organ corresponding to a pixel value. A special case is the ICRP 110 human phantoms where the phantom data is ASCII and comes with accompanying segmentation and material files.

Images from Raw Pixel Files

Neck Model in 3D
A Moritz 3D view of the neck model with half of the model cut away along the cylindrical axis.
2D view of Neck Model
A Moritz 2D plot along the cylinder axis.
End of Neck Model
One end of the neck model. Every frame was used in the geometry conversion. A portion of the bottom bench that was not excluded by cropping is visible.
Mini Maglight

A scan of a mini maglight flashlight. The cropping region was set to show the quarter section.

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