Viewing the MCNP Input

The MCNP input can be written to a file (Write MCNP in the File menu or corresponding toolbar button ) or viewed in the report window (with Preview MCNP).

The program can also send the file to the Sabrina or Moritz programs for viewing, starting the external program if necessary. To view the model, use View in Sabrina or View in Moritz in the File menu or the Moritz or Sabrina toolbar buttons. The communication among the programs uses the Windows Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) mechanism. Before using either program, its location must be specified in the View Setup submenu of the File menu. If it takes longer for one of these external programs to start than Scan2MCNP is willing to wait, try again with the program running.

The file prepared for Sabrina or Moritz contains additional commands such as colors and visibility settings. The colors sent to Moritz are mixed from the partition colors using an algorithm similar to that used for mixing the materials.

When lattice geometry is used, there is an option to not list the lattice. The program takes care of this in the preview window. For MCNP and Moritz, the MCNP commands READ NOECHO and READ ECHO bracket the lattice cell and its fill specification. When the option is used, the cell description and fill extents are shown as commented lines before the suppressed fill. Note that Sabrina and early versions of Moritz do not handle the READ NOECHO/ECHO command.

2D Moritz Picture

Moritz 2D (above) and 3D (below) renderings of a single scan converted to MCNP input format. The conversion used an 8 x 8 pixel grid over a 512 x 512 pixel image.

3D Moritz Picture

converted 3D model

 A converted 3D model

every 10th plane

A Moritz 3D rendering of a lattice showing every 10th plane. Each lattice cell represents 1 pixel.

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